My Journey to Gut Health and Healing A Tale of Transformation

Step into the captivating story of my personal quest for gut reset and discover the incredible power of nurturing your microbiome. Five years ago, amidst my role as ADGP Crime Branch CID, I found myself grappling with constant blues, lacklustre taste buds, and an arduous experience during my weekly long runs. It was time for a change.

I embarked on a total gut reset, starting with a courageous three-day water fast. From there, I ventured into the realm of organic food stores, gathering an arsenal of foods and ingredients to expel toxins and purify my system. Breaking my fast, I embraced a three-day journey of steamed vegetables, kickstarting each morning with a bottle of alkaline water infused with the elixir of apple cider vinegar.

Animal products bid farewell as I delved into a rejuvenating juice cleanse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were graced with revitalizing juices accompanied by oranges or grapefruits, their fiber enhancing nutrient assimilation. Papaya and flax seeds infused two of the three juices each day, their magic unraveling within my revitalized body. Though the path was not without its challenges, spirulina powder proved to be a taste too formidable to conquer, leading to an amusing, albeit messy, attempt.

During this transformative period, I experienced a noticeable ebb in motivation and a lingering mild headache. While increased energy is a common occurrence, my detoxification journey took a unique route. The headache, a testament to the body’s elimination of toxins, served as a reminder of the profound changes underway.

Following the juice cleanse, I embarked on a water fast, abstaining from anything but water for three days. The notion may seem extreme, yet research highlights the myriad health benefits of extended fasting. The body’s self-consumption begins, a fascinating process where old and damaged cells, especially white blood cells, are devoured. Emerging from the fast, the body replenishes the cells, providing a significant boost to immunity. Emotionally and energetically, this phase proved demanding, unraveling my reliance on food as an emotional crutch.

Throughout the two-week journey, a steady weight loss of half a kilo per day ensued, culminating in further progress over the last three days. From 80 to 72 kilos, the transformation was tangible. Skepticism arose around water weight, but upon refeeding, I gained only a kilo back. Subsequently, I shed an additional half kilo as I adapted to an intermittent fasting and keto-based diet.

Beyond the numbers on the scale, a profound sense of well-being enveloped me. The insatiable sugar cravings diminished, and a newfound understanding of the impact of different foods on my body emerged. Now, armed with a PhD in Microbiology, I stand as an expert in gut health, ready to guide others on their transformative journeys.

Join me on this awe-inspiring adventure, where gut reset opens doors to vitality and wellness. Send a mail to wellnesxcelerate@gmail.com to book a free 10-minute consultation call, and let’s embark on your own transformative path to gut health and healing.



Dr K. Jayanth Murali is a retired IPS officer and a Life Coach. He is the author of four books, including the best-selling 42 Mondays. He is passionate about painting, farming, and long-distance running. He has run several marathons and has two entries in the Asian book of Records in full and half marathon categories. He lives with his family in Chennai, India. When he is not running, he is either writing or chilling with a book.

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