Ah, the human heart, a canvas splashed with vibrant desires, yearning for experiences veiled in the future. But what if I told you the treasure you seek isn’t hidden in some distant horizon, but nestled within the fertile soil of your very being? It all comes down to a curious paradox – you yearn for what you already possess.

Think of it like a seed nestled in the earth. It dreams of sun-kissed leaves and swaying in the breeze, yet it already holds the blueprint for its own blooming. The sun doesn’t create the flower, it simply illuminates what already exists. In the same way, our desires aren’t quests for something external, but whispers of our inherent fulfilment waiting to be unfurled.

But here’s the rub – we get caught in the whirlwind of “doing.” We chase butterflies of achievement, believing that the next promotion, the perfect partner, the dream car will finally unlock the vault of happiness. We become entangled in the illusion of free will, desperately pushing and pulling at the strings of life, convinced that our frantic choreography will somehow manifest our desires.

Yet, the true maestro resides within, and his instrument is the power of assumption. Instead of the frenetic orchestra of “doing,” he conducts a symphony of “being.” We simply choose the frequency of our desires, the melody of our fulfilled selves. We assume, not in the sense of wishful thinking, but in the profound act of aligning our inner state with the essence of our yearning.

Think of a sculptor chipping away at a block of marble. He doesn’t create the statue, he simply removes the excess, revealing the masterpiece already hidden within. In the same way, assuming the wish fulfilled isn’t about forcing reality, but about gently carving away the doubts, the anxieties, the “what ifs” that obscure our inherent wholeness.

It’s like basking in the sun while the seed germinates. We nurture our desire with the warmth of faith, the gentle rain of gratitude, and the unwavering conviction that our fulfilment is an inevitable sunrise. We don’t need to frantically dig up the seed to see if it’s growing – we simply trust the process, knowing that the sun’s kiss will coax it forth in its own perfect time.

This isn’t to say action has no role. But just as the wind doesn’t force the flower to bloom, but dances with its petals, so our actions become a graceful expression of our fulfilled state. We don’t chase promotions, we exude the confidence and competence that attracts them. We don’t desperately seek partners, we radiate the love and joy that magnetizes kindred spirits.

Remember, the universe is a mirror reflecting the image we hold of ourselves. When we assume the wish fulfilled, we shift the frequency of our being. We become living magnets, attracting experiences and situations that resonate with our inner truth. It’s like tuning a radio – the right station brings in the music, not the other way around.

And what about praise and thanksgiving? They’re like fertilizer to the seed of desire. By appreciating what we already have, we acknowledge the abundance that flows through us. We open the floodgates of grace, inviting even more joy and fulfilment into our lives.

But here’s the secret sauce – true fulfilment isn’t dependent on anything or anyone outside of ourselves. It’s not about having the ideal job, the perfect partner, or the dream vacation. It’s about knowing, deep in our bones, that we are already whole, complete, and overflowing with love and joy. This understanding transcends appearances, becoming the very fabric of our being.

Think of it like moonlight. It doesn’t create the ocean’s ebb and flow, but amplifies its inherent rhythm. In the same way, acknowledging our inherent fulfilment doesn’t fabricate joy, but allows it to dance more freely on the canvas of our lives.

So, my friends, let us lay down the weapons of seeking and embrace the wisdom of being. Let our desires be whispers of our innate wholeness, not frantic pleas for something missing. Let us assume the wish fulfilled, not as a desperate prayer, but as a graceful acknowledgement of the truth that already sings within our hearts. For in the quiet space of knowing, we discover the most profound truth – you are already fulfilled, in every way possible.

And as this light of awareness radiates from within, it becomes a beacon, guiding others towards their own unmasking. We become, not teachers, but living testaments to the power of simply being. We inspire not with words, but with the silent symphony of our fulfilled hearts.

Remember, the journey is not about reaching a destination, but about allowing the melody of our inherent fulfilment to fill every moment. So let us walk hand in hand, bask in the sun of awareness, and together, unveil the masterpiece that each of us truly is.

Ah, the path of assuming one’s wish fulfilled is rarely bathed in perpetual sunshine. Doubt, that pesky shadow, often creeps in, whispering tales of impossibility and failure. “What if it doesn’t work?” it hisses, its voice dripping with fear. But fear not, dear friend, for doubt is merely the echo of an untamed mind. It’s a weed in the garden of our desires, demanding our attention but offering no nourishment.

The key to silencing doubt lies in the alchemy of belief. Belief isn’t about blind faith, but about cultivating a conscious connection with the truth of our desires. It’s like stoking the embers of possibility until they blaze into an unwavering fire of conviction.

Remember the sculptor chipping away at the marble? He doesn’t simply remove excess, he meticulously shapes the form, guided by a clear vision of the masterpiece within. So too, we must sculpt our belief, chipping away at doubts with the chisel of evidence and reason.

Think back to a time you overcame a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Recall the moments when fear gnawed at you, yet you persevered, fueled by an unwavering belief in your own potential. That same fire resides within you now, ready to illuminate your path to fulfilment.

But how do we nurture this potent flame? Here are a few sparks to ignite your belief:

➢Seek Inspiration: Immerse yourself in stories of those who have manifested their desires. Read autobiographies, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries – let the triumphs of others fan the embers of your own belief.

Focus on Abundance: Train your mind to see the world through a lens of abundance, not scarcity. Acknowledge the good things in your life, no matter how small. Gratitude acts as a magnet, attracting even more abundance into your orbit.

Visualize Success: Close your eyes and paint a vivid picture of your desire fulfilled. See yourself basking in the joy of achievement, feeling the warmth of success. Let your senses savor the experience, making it feel as real as your present moment.

Affirm with Conviction: Speak to your desires with certainty, not desperation. Craft powerful affirmations that resonate with your truth and repeat them daily, allowing them to seep into your subconscious mind.

Take Inspired Action: Action isn’t about frantic scrambling, but about stepping stones paving the path to your fulfilled self. Don’t be afraid to move, to experiment, to explore – let your intuition guide you towards actions that align with your desire.

Remember, belief is a muscle that needs constant exercise. The more you nurture it, the stronger it becomes, eventually silencing the whispers of doubt and propelling you towards your dreams.

But what if, despite your best efforts, doubt still lingers? Embrace it as a teacher, not an enemy. Ask yourself: “What fear lies beneath this doubt?” Once you uncover the root, you can gently tend to it with understanding and self-compassion.

Remember, doubt is simply a sign that you care. It means your desire is important, powerful enough to evoke such a strong emotional response. So thank your doubt, acknowledge its presence, and then gently release it, choosing to focus on the unwavering flame of your belief.

This, my friends, is the dance of manifestation. A graceful interplay between the assumption of our fulfilled selves and the ongoing refinement of our belief. It’s not a linear path, but a spiral staircase, each step taking us closer to the radiant heart of who we truly are.

So let us continue, hand in hand, nurturing the embers of our desires, silencing the echoes of doubt, and stepping boldly onto the sun-drenched path of our own fulfilment. For in the end, it’s not about reaching a destination, but about the joy of the journey itself. Let us dance in the light of our own knowing, knowing that within each of us resides a masterpiece waiting to be revealed.

And as we walk side by side, let us not forget the ripple effect of our own fulfilment. As our inner light shines brighter, it illuminates the path for others, whispering to them the same truth we have embraced – you are already whole, you are already complete, you are already overflowing with love and joy.

May our journey be a symphony of self-discovery, a testament to the power of belief, and a beacon of hope for the world. Together, let us unveil the magic that each of us truly is.

Here is a daily schedule to accomplish SELF DISCOVERY AND FULFILMENT

Morning Practice (15-30 minutes):

Gratitude Journaling: Take a few minutes to write down 5 things you’re grateful for. This helps cultivate a positive mindset and attract abundance.

Affirmations: Choose 3-5 affirmations that resonate with your desires and repeat them aloud or silently with conviction. Examples: “I am worthy of love and abundance,” “I attract love and abundance into my life.”

Visualization: Spend 5-10 minutes visualizing your desire fulfilled. See yourself experiencing the joy and fulfillment you seek.

Throughout the Day:

• Focus on Abundance: Be mindful of your thoughts and words.Choose to see the good in every situation and avoid negativity.

Take Inspired Action: Pay attention to intuitive nudges and impulses that feel aligned with your desire. Take small steps in that direction, even if they seem insignificant.

Self-Compassion: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Forgive yourself and remember that progress takes time and patience.

Evening Practice (10-15 minutes):

Reflection: Reflect on your day and identify moments where you practiced the principles of abundance and fulfillment.

Journaling: Write down any insights or questions that came up during your day.

Reading or Inspiration: Spend some time reading books, articles,or listening to podcasts that inspire you and keep you motivated on your journey.

Remember, this is just a suggestion, and you can adapt it to fit your schedule and preferences. The key is to be consistent and find practices that resonate with you.

As you continue on this path, be patient and trust the process. Remember, the journey towards fulfilment is as important as the destination. Enjoy the process of uncovering your own inner light and watch as it radiates outward, lighting up the world around you.


Dr K. Jayanth Murali is a retired IPS officer and a Life Coach. He is the author of four books, including the best-selling 42 Mondays. He is passionate about painting, farming, and long-distance running. He has run several marathons and has two entries in the Asian book of Records in full and half marathon categories. He lives with his family in Chennai, India. When he is not running, he is either writing or chilling with a book.

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